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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


The company cannot guarantee availability or make a reservation when a customer makes reservations less than 12 hours before their flight or on the same day. To confirm availability, we suggest that clients call or text our number. We are not responsible for any damages customers can suffer due to the company’s failure to provide transport services by the schedule. In these cases, the customer’s liability will be limited to the amount of the ticket that was purchased from us.
¬†Additionally, will not take responsibility for any personal items left behind by customers, whether in or out of the vehicle. Contact us immediately if you’ve lost items inside your car. We’ll be glad to assist you in finding it. The client is responsible for any damages to the vehicle caused by them or their guests, regardless of whether the act was done intentionally or knowingly.


Cancellations are accepted. To cancel, please call or text us at our number or send us an email.
If the trip doesn’t get canceled within the specified time, but the journey is not canceled, the cancellation fee could be charged to your credit card. To avoid cancellation charges, the customer must inform our customer service rep at least 3 hours before the pickup time. If you are planning to pick up a vehicle from the nearby locations, it is suggested to notify us at least six hours in advance.

We cannot be held accountable if you fail to show up, cancel, or delay passenger trains or flights. The trip is considered a no-show if we don’t receive notice of delays or cancellations and cannot contact the contact person registered within 15 minutes of the pickup time. Your responsibility is to be punctual at the pickup point or inform us of any modifications to your reservation. This could lead to an unintentional fee equivalent to the total fare plus additional charges.

Credit Card Policy

Customers must supply their card information in advance to allow approval before credit card transactions. This prevents fraud; however, it is not the primary payment method for your travel. To ensure the estimated journey price, which includes tolls, parking, gratuities, and additional time, the debit or credit card has to be debited at a 150% initial fee. Once the total cost for the service rendered by Pennsylvania Limo Service has been calculated, the remaining amount is released.


The luxury sedans and the company can accommodate up to 4 adults and three standard-sized bags, and our SUV can accommodate six people and six standard-sized loads. When booking, the customer agrees to the maximum capacity of the vehicle’s passenger capacity and must ensure that it doesn’t exceed it. If the customer fails to comply with the limits, the company reserves all rights to cancel the trip without a refund.



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